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Full Version: Help, trying to gain weight by any means.
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hello, out there. i am currently 120 lbs, and wish to gain at least 30 more. i have a very muscular frame thanks to my previous boxing career, but i can't seem to gain weight anymore. the quicker the better but results are a must. no options will be looked down upon. i workout frequently but could do more with the given time.... :o
Simple do what most of us have probably done in the past:
1) a proper diet which will take time
2) or the other obvious option-gear up-be the quickest way just make sure you research and do it properly-dont rush into this either you definitely want to have a slight knowledge of what you're putting in your body
Calorie dense foods...but dont fall for the sugar "weight gainers."
olive oil in your protein shakes (114 calories per tblsp) Have a protein and carb drink pre and post workout, and make a big protein and olive oil shake to sip during the night. You can add hundreds of calories a day with minimal effort in this manner.
what supplements will speed up my progess???
protein/weight gain shakes and creatine
now the BIG question: which steriods are "safe" and super quick?! I NEED RESULTS in a hurry...!!
i boxed for years bro, and still to the day have a hard time keeping my weight up, if i slip a little, i lose a few lbs.

are you still fighting? is the reason you want to gain weight to get into a higher weight class, or just to get big?
Fuck me BigKev, if thats you in your avatar your a bloody tank mate, top effort!!!

I am in the same boat (though not a boxer), I find it hard to gain weight, but lose it if I slip at all (and my diet is pretty shitty).

The olive oil option seems viable and good.
steroids shouldn't even be a "twinkle in your eye" at 120lbs.
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