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Full Version: planning next cycle...
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well, i was thinking of doing a prop/susp +EQ+ tren cycle but after rummaging around through my supply cache its most likely going to be a prop/susp + durabolin + tren cycle.

has anyone done something like this and how were the results.

proably going to end up a 12wkr with:

prop/susp: 100mg/ED
tren : 100mg/ED
durabolin : 100mg/EOD

might add some Dbol at the start and probably follow up with some chinese winni or masteron to finish her up.

i've done prop/eq/tren before and loved it, but im running pretty low on EQ and wanted some opinions on sub'n durabolin instead.
Ive never done a cycle with tren for that long...I know its been done before, and alot of ppl seem to like it, but for me, 12 weeks is 6 weeks too long, to be on tren...

Just my opinion. Other then that it looks good bro.
have done 12wks of tren with no problems...
Tren is the only gear I was looking forward to coming off of.
ditto. The sides bugged me. The gains were amazing however.
so would you guys even bother with the durabolin? prop/susp + tren is a helluva cycle in itself... i might just save the durabolin.