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Pages: 1 2 - madbuilder - 10-11-2017

[Image: roids-shop-biz.jpeg]

Pharmacy name: Roids-Shop
Website address:
Old domains: roids-shop(.net, .com)
Ships to: Worldwide
Shipping costs worldwide ($): 30

A nice pharmacy for your muscle growth requirements. Top products on sale:

- Testoxyl Cypionate
- Testoxyl Enanthate
- Cypionat 250
- Sustanon
- Deca 300
- Enantat 250
- Dianabol
- Winstrol 50mg
- Anavar 50mg
- Sustaxyl
- HuCoG 5000 IU
- Norditropin 15 IU
- Genotropin 36 IU
- Humatrope 72 IU

If you had any experience with, then feel free to share it with our community!

RE: - travisma - 10-18-2017

I have used these guys multiple times to date and believe them to be one of the best sources out there. I don't bother even looking anywhere else when its time to order again.

I have never needed to communicate or need any type of support from these guys. Everything has always been top notch.

T/A time has always been as fast or faster than every other source I have ordered from. My last two orders were from these guys and they did not disappoint. Always quick and reliable.

Both of my most recent cycles have been with Kalpa products. Having said that, I have never been disappointed with the quality. I am experienced and have done approximately 10+ cycles to date. My most recent cycle was started approximately 6 weeks after a surgery I had to have done (Test/Tren). By the end of that cycle, I had put 20 lbs back on that I had lost during those 6 weeks I had to be completely sedentary. My strength was extremely good as always and my endurance was like i had never had the surgery. I received comments that I had never looked so big. Mind you, this is all after losing 20 lbs post surgery and gaining it all back. The comeback with Kalpa products was phenomenal and I can't say enough about these guys.

RE: - Amateur - 10-23-2017

I received my order today from! this was my first, and honestly I was understandably nervous but I have complete trust in now.

I have probably emailed them about 5 times and I can honestly say he has been outstanding with getting back to me always within 24 hrs. He answered all my questions no problem.

T/A was only 12 days! packaging was sealed with vacuum seal and very well packaged. very impressed

I just started taking Kalpa's Test prop but I already feel some differences. The color is all the way it should be. Everything is very smooth. I am very impressed, I can honestly say its best I have had.

I am a very happy customer! ordering more on fri.

RE: - fatbastarditis - 01-02-2018

Second time ordering from, decided to try the Dragon Pharma line, I used the kalpa line before and had no complaints but the 10ml bottles worked out better for me on the cycle I was on.

Packaging was secure, shipping time was about 6 days without weekend.

Due to personal issues that came up at the beginning of my cycle and seriously hindered training I stretched this out to 16 weeks, which is much longer then I normally do. I have seen reviews of PIP here, I experienced none of it. Product was a little thick as normal but a quick warm water bath made it go in easy. Overall I think this is the best product I have used since the original british dragon years ago. IMO the oils are dosed accurately. Total gains were about 20 pounds, which is quite a lot, but the C was making me retain a lot of water. In PCT right now desperately trying to keep it. No real side effects, mild acne, and some pretty sore nips, which is to be expected with deca (asin, prami, nothing worked). This has improved dramatically in PCT.

RE: - Mikeus - 01-09-2018

This was my 10th order with I have always gotten my order in less than 2 weeks and communication has always been great. I have used Anavar twice before and both times I used it at 80mg to 100mg everyday. I started to use his Kalpa's Anavar at 100mg everyday but it was too strong and I had to bring it down to under 80mg everyday. I guess the Anavar I have used in the past was under dosed or just not as strong as his. Kalpa's Anavar is the best I have ever used and it is hard to believe it is that good because of the price being so low. Thanks for the great products and fast communication

RE: - ozzyoil - 01-15-2018

Fantastic customer service and extremely high quality product. I've ordered from about 6 or 7 of the sources on this site and roids-shop is far and away the best in quality and customer support. I will NEVER use another source, other than this one, again.

On my most recent order I was $3 short on the payment. I contacted roids-shop and recieved a response within 1 hour, resolving the issue. On previous orders through roids-shop, no communication needed.

RE: - Outlaw:53 - 01-22-2018

Made first order from these guys a few weeks ago very happy with service

Package was discreet and everything came in advertised time

The t3 is pharma and I can feel it's the real deal using 75mg ed is helping shed the fat

Clen for 1 week I'm using 80mcg a day and feeling the shakes and usual sides associated with clen Turinabol for 1 week I'm using at 50mg a day and can feel strength and pumps increased in gym and feel a lot dryer too

First order from these guys and won't be the last recommend to anyone Smile

RE: - BodyBro - 01-29-2018

This review is for the last promo for bp dbol and clomid.

100% recommended... They are very professional and I fell safe to keep with Roids-Shop.

Communication very efficient and always answering very fast and clear.

The Danabol give a huge kickstart.. I love it.. for sure is on my top 5.

The Clomid work like it should works.. I used to my PCT and give me the recovery.. I fell great 4 weeks after PCT.

I recommend it.

RE: - base - 02-05-2018

My last order I got from them and the gear was great

Communication was not a as fast as I would like it but they would get back with you in 72 hours.

Packaging was so good I did not know what was in the package. It took about 3 weeks to land to my mailbox

ESCULAP 20mg 60 tabs

DANABOL 50 mg 60 tabs

The cycle i use with the dbol was for the 1st 5 weeks at 50mg and the 5th week I went to 75mg. I ran it with a kick start with my test and eq. I got super strong off the dbol and gained 16 pounds in the 5 weeks on it. For the ESCULAP I can't really say to much because I only took it 2 times and I know it works

I would order from them again because the gear is great!!!!!

RE: - MrAust92 - 02-12-2018

I'm always open to try new sources so I gave Roids-Shop a try .Placing a order and delivering donation was fairly easy I did not send any pm or emails . Packaging came in discreet I had no idea what i was opening till I saw content in the box. Delivery time could've been faster but I wasn't in need at the time so I could care less it came in 3 weeks.

I ordered :

1 test e 500

4 Tren a 100

1 test p 100

1 mast 100

The products were great in my experience from being on Forum for quite sometime and try multiple sources I would have to say the Tren has to be one of the best trens I've tried so far for other sources that I have tried on this site I would have to use maybe 700mg a week or more so changes but 400 -500 was the spot and I felt the same effects as 700 or more at a less dose.. That right there is great quality. Everything else worked the same but the test e 500 I did receive quite some pip pinning 2cc in my quad but nothing I couldn't handle .

I would recommend shopping ever but if you know you're running low on stuff you need make sure to stock up ahead of time

Did not need communication but did receive email updates on package till delivery

Quality reached my expectations and excelled . Finished all products before writing review