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69 cents per pound - newjack - 10-21-2017

does this sound right for plates? It seems kind of high, anyone know of a place that has it for cheaper? Somewhere close to TO please.

RE: 69 cents per pound - Dr_Funk - 10-21-2017

that's what i paid for mine, im sure you can find it lower though. probably around 59

RE: 69 cents per pound - thor71 - 10-21-2017

$0.69 is a fair average for plates. Not to sure about TO but in Edmonton there a few good places. One place has EuroGrip plates for $0.49 cents a pound. I know a guy who owns a gym in Ingersol, I'll email him and let you know it there are any cheaper places around TO.

RE: 69 cents per pound - SCRAPPER - 10-21-2017

look in classifieds...

last time i bought a set.. a couple years ago from fitness depot in st.catharines...

59 cents a pound for olympic plates... HOWEVER, they had combo deals like buy 400lbs of plates and get a free olympic bar.... which is what like 70?? so it was a good deal.