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Anyone able to help with this cycle and diet
I would love some help on this one.

Just started a new course around five weeks ago, found that im putting on alot of size and fat and would like some help with the fat side of things.

before cycle, weighed at 96kgs
Started taking 5 Dbol a day, for 5 weeks. 250mg sustanon week, 250mg Ethanate week for ten weeks.
Currently weighing in at 108kg, alot of water rentention aswell, and ive noticed that if I dont keep drinking water I get dehydrated very fast.

Breakfast - weeties or flakes with 50gram protein shake
Mid morning - 30gm protein and 45gm carbs
Lunch - Subway - 50gm protein and not sure on carbs
mid lunch - 30gm protein and 45gm carbs
dinner - 50gm protein (fish, steak or chicken) and potatoes.
Before sleeping - 50gm protein and 45gm carbs

Where have I gone wrong?? I used to walk every second day for an hour but found that with the heavy training ive become quite lazy in the morning.

Any help would be cool...
Tried lowering your carbs at all??

Try taking about 10g carbs from your meals, or maybe start at 5g and see how that goes.

How much Dbol a day?
Run nolva at 10 mg ed for a few weeks. Watch your salt, simple sugar intake. Make sure your eating clean foods...
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil....'cause I'm the biggest, meanest, son-of-a-bitch in the place."

"People are always talking about getting motivated to go on a diet. Motivation is worthless. There's no way in hell you'll still be motivated after your 200th chicken breast washed down with plain broccoli. You have to be DEDICATED. Dedication is what remains when all motivation has left, and you can't stand to do more cardio, because you've read every magazine ever produced, you'd rather eat the ass out of a dead donkey than one more plain chicken breast, and your typical routine of thinking of sex every five seconds has been replace by food every 2 seconds. It's the DEDICATION that takes us to where we want to be." - Trop
Drop the carbs at bedtime, and the starchy carbs out of dinner....
Is that all it is in the diet? Missed out any info? Are u taking protein and gainer/maltodextrin powder for mid morning, mid lunch? If u are, try to drop the gainer and if u must use just one shake of it as a last resort in addition to your postworkout one and replace with real food. Use the protein pwd only in the morning(80% fast + 20% slow digesting), postworkout(100% fast) and bed(90% slow, 10% fast). Do not take fast digesting protein throughout the day, it bumps up your insulin and causes fat storage.....expecially true for ketogenic amino acid(isoleucine, leucine, lysine, threonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, tyrosine - yes some are 2 of them are bcaas and some EAA but get it from real food) contained in the protein pwd which goes straight to fat biosynthesis if not utilized from the amino pool, but those in real food are digested much slower. If u're taking bcaas take them pre and postworkout. Although glucogenic AA does that too but it needs to go though and extra step so that will stall time.

Your carb intake is not that high for a bulking diet, its about 300g carbs to be generous so i don't see any problem with that at a weight of 100+ unless like i said u're taking gainer powder. Your total calories is ~2500kcal at most from the info u provided, which makes me think u must have left out some info. One thing though, i don't see any fats included, did u leave it out of the info or are not taking it?! The fat from the subway and steak at dinner is not good enough and contains a good proportion of sat.fat in the steak. Anyway, a diet without fats will increase the body's fat biosynthesis process. Start taking in pufa in the morning, lunch and dinner, and drop the carbs at bedtime if u must but your total calories is just not right as i mentioned before unless u're like 30-35% bf(not saying u are, just an example Big Grin ) i'm surprised u're gaining with that amount of food.

Conclusion: Add pufa, reduce carbs(if really want to, the one at bedtime), replace any protein/gainer with real food through the day. Part of the 'fats' might just be water, it'll drop when u drop the Dbol or done with the cycle....increase water intake and reduce sodium and add fiber.

jmo Smile

How can i forget this...i know someone will ask anyway if i don't do it......ADD PIC OF 18 YR OLD MUSCLE FREAK. Big Grin
Lol Lol

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