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Bulking Cycle
This is my bulking cycle for jan/feb its only 8 weeks though.

1-4 Dbol 35mg/day
1-8 Test Cyp 800/wk
2-8 deca 500/week

any suggestions,

im 6'5 269lbs. bout 14% i have 3 cycles under my belt and i have been lifting serious for 5 yrs.

I am only doing an 8 weeker cuz i plan on starting my cutting up, diet, cycle in april. and take that all the way till sept
nice, it looks good to me, but I really havent been on the gear for long at all. this is only me second cycle, but my next will look just like that!
i'd extend the test to 10 weeks, 2 weeks longer than the deca...that helps with recovery, from my experience...other than that, it looks solid..
Start the deca week 1, and run both the cyp and deca for 10-12 weeks.

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