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Buy Steroids USA

[Image: buysteroids-ws-900x450.png]

We are happy to welcome you to the online store of anabolic steroids - We see our mission in the reliable and effective provision of original steroids for professionals and amateurs, who devoted their lives to sports. is associated with our customers with the words - quality, reliability, safety.

The strategic goal is to establish as a leading store by providing reliable supply of products, increasing the efficiency of activities, increasing the literacy of using anabolic-androgenic steroids among users, building partnerships around the world! has a wide range of products from leading manufacturers of anabolic and androgenic steroids. We sell anabolic steroids from many manufacturers. Currently, the store actively works with leaders in production, constantly analyzing the trends in demand, analyzing the production of new brands, using the world's knowledge for the competent construction of anabolic steroid cycles.

At you will find the most potent anabolic and androgenic steroids, for example:

Please leave in this thread you personal reviews and complaints.
Finished up a test p, tren a, mast p run about 2 months ago all from this source. Transaction was smooth, ordering was how it should be easy and painless.

I didn't need much communication on this order, but my most recent order (yet to be reviewed) I had a bit of an issue (my fault) and they were more than accommodating. Communication was within a day, so how it should be.

Mast prop

Tren ace

Test prop

Ran all 3 @ 150 eod. No PIP, quality was some of the best I've had in a while. This was the best recomp cycle I have done in 2 years. My diet was spot on which contributed to this but man was I happy. I had veins everywhere, some sides but nothing out of the ordinary. I began with a cut down to 205 from 220. I steadily gained a little weight back and ended at 210 and caliper tested at 8%. Strength through the roof, hit my first 500lb back squat, also pulled 550 deadlift. All in all I was extremely pleased.

Second order is in with slightly different products, will give a review after the winter. Looking to stick around here for a while. Thanks guys.
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil....'cause I'm the biggest, meanest, son-of-a-bitch in the place."

"People are always talking about getting motivated to go on a diet. Motivation is worthless. There's no way in hell you'll still be motivated after your 200th chicken breast washed down with plain broccoli. You have to be DEDICATED. Dedication is what remains when all motivation has left, and you can't stand to do more cardio, because you've read every magazine ever produced, you'd rather eat the ass out of a dead donkey than one more plain chicken breast, and your typical routine of thinking of sex every five seconds has been replace by food every 2 seconds. It's the DEDICATION that takes us to where we want to be." - Trop
This was my 1st time ordering online so I assumed it was going to be a hassle. I was dead wrong!! The website was user friendly and the communication was perfect. He answered all my questions in no time. I ordered the products and had them at my doorstep in 10 days!!!! Outstanding customer service. Very discreet and fast. I feel great ordering because I felt like he was taking care if his customers and he did to his full potential. No doubt in my mind I will be ordering again.

Communication and support was hands down perfect. I felt like I sent too many emails Cuz I had alot of questions but he answered them quick and friendly.

Packaging was discreet and packaged extremely well. No issues at all

Tren A 200mg/ml

Test prop 100mg/ml


This is barely my 1st week and I can already feel my body getting strong and full of energy. I can't wait for the weeks to come. This is going to be great.
All of my experiences with have been seamless, effortless, and well worthwile. He has always come through.

quick to respond, quick to fix, quick to figure shit out. You can tell these guys have their stuff together. Not an amateur co by any means.

Amazing t/a. packaging is usually decent, enough so nothing gets smashed.

Test. All kinds of tests. prop, E, C, sust.


Tren Ace

Tren E


All great gear. Definitely a little thicker oil then some others, but it is PIP free (except for the supertest, that shit had me crippled for a week). I generally run the test anywhere from 500mg to a gram, with tren deca or eq in anywhere between 5-600mg. Loved the last batch I received. Couldn't tell a difference between the gear. It was all smooth, pip free, and potent.

Wouldn't hesitate to use these guys again. Been a go-to source for the last year, and I have had nothing but consistency with them. Great to have a trustworthy source.
This source was my first go at using or ordering aas. Was not disappointed. Have ordered a few times. Have used his products myself and have ordered for others as well.

Have ordered 3 times (I think) and every time packaging was good and about 10 days from payment to my door.

Did 12 weeks of about 600wk test. First 4 weeks with the D-bol and weeks 10-14 (up to PCT) of the T-bol. Gained 20lbs. Strength way up. Have not used the Deca yet. The Test 250 has no PIP. The 400 hurts like hell but that is to be expected. Arimidex works as I was taking it EOD then stopped for a week and had itchy nips, LOL. Started taking it again and it went away. A friend of mine, that I ordered some of the Test 250 for has freakin blown up over the last few weeks as well.

Will very likely use this source again when the time comes.
Got in on BuySteroids' promo. Great communication and fastest T/A I've seen yet.

Easiest experience I've had in a long time.

After reading the reviews about his T/A, I wanted to see it for myself. Amazing doesn't even describe it! Packaged discreetly, wrapped tightly.

Just pinned 2.5ml of Test Cyp (front load) in left quad and I was waiting for the PIP. None! Will run for 12 weeks and report back.

If he keeps this up, we're going to have a top source real quick! Hope to do business for many years to come with!
Solid source, very pleased with service and product quality.

Followed the ordering instructions, communicated when necessary via the website. Replies from never took longer than 24 hours, usually same-day response.

Very discreet and well-protected packaging, fits easily in a standard-sized mailbox - In fact, two or three packages would probably fit in the same mailbox if necessary. No problems at all with addressing or postage. Total T/A was roughly 9 days including a weekend.

5 x Kalpa Testosterone Enanthate (10ml, 250mg/ml)

First pin was 1ml on December 26, I'm pinning 1ml every third day. No PIP whatsoever, no lumps or soreness at the injection site the following day. Today marks the end of my third week using the product at 750mg / week, and I can see unmistakeable testosterone effects - Holding a bit more water than usual (if I were to up the dose to 1g / week I'd be downright puffy), oily skin, a bit of dandruff, a nice boost in libido, and a marked 15% or so increase in strength on compound lifts, probably closer to 20% on basic exercises (bench, squat, deadlift, overhead press). Some of the strength increase is probably due to an increase in clean calories, but the pumps I'm getting in the targeted muscle group are very nice, and the almost 24x7 pump in my delts and traps is a dead giveaway. Haven't weighed in yet (this isn't a real bulker, just a winter maintenance 12-week cycle of Test E and Turinabol), but I did have to bust out the 3XL T-shirts for the gym last week to accommodate my shoulders and back, so when I do hit the scale at the end of next week I'm sure I'll be pleased.
"That which will not kill you ...will only only make you stronger, and if it does kill you... You shouldn't have been training with us to begin with!"

-John Defendis
i ordered from and no complaints here. he communicated every time i had a question. cool dude, will not order from anyone else

packaging top notch, test p and test c anavar and winny all great stuff

quality is great
They ran a promo on Geno pens a while back. It was hard to resist.

Very lil communication but fast turn over time

Discreet packaging

TA 8 to 10 days

I started with 3 ius and followed 4 ius a day schedule. 2 ius upon waking and 2 ius post workout. On off days taking 2 ius in the morning and 2 ius in the afternoon. I am getting very nice sleep from it. My sleep has improved but I have a strong urge to take a nap during day. After waking up body is harder and leaner even if I cheat a lil on my diet. My skin is improved. Naturally fresh and looking cool. The injections are done Sub-Q.

Excellent source
#10 is a great source and I plan to continue using in the future. Everything went smoothly and the gear is great!

I had a bit of a problem due to one of MY mistakes, but they were more than understanding and we fixed the issue. If I didn't have that I would have likely not even needed to contact the source, just sit back and wait, your pack will come soon.

It was awhile ago so I can't remember exact T/A, but it was within the guidelines and packed discreetly.

Using the test now, comparing it to a different sources prop and it is legit. Strength is staying up during a cut and my skin is much more oily now. My muscles also have that "test" look, if you've done cycles before you know what I mean.

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