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Chalk, Gloves, Or Nothing?
hey fellas i jus spent the afternoon cruising around looking for weight lifting chalk (magnesium carbonate), since doing deads with either gloves or nothing at all (sweat lol) just isnt possible for fingers open up faster than pacesetter with 2 beers in him Wink

what do you guys use? i used gloves for years but using that chalky stuff gives me some great callouses Big Grin so im switching to that...

i tried putting it in a squeeze bottle so it doesnt go everywhere (its powdered) so ill see how it all goes...its great stuff - at random times through the day i just spray some water under my arms and put some chalk on my hands and i look haaaaaaaaardcore :p
Yeh, I've always used gloves. It keeps my hands smooth, and
stops me from getting rough calloused hands. I give my wife a
massage every night, and a few lady friends of mine, from time to
time. So I guess it's all a matter of preferance.
I have never used gloves, I tried them for 1 week like 10 years ago..they did nothing but bunch up and cause blisters on my hands. Ive used wrist straps and chalk for heavy deads for a long time now.
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u will develop stronger grip without straps chalk could be of an advantage
if u are looking to develop ur grip strength too Smile

I use chalk for my max lifts. I hate gloves myself...too uncomfortable.
I also use straps for chins and deads.
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yeah, gloves all the way here. For most bar/dumb-bell excersises anyway. I feel "naked" without them know. I seem to pinch my skin and create sores/ blisters if I forget to bring em................
Glove man here personally.

I agree with improving the strength before resorting to straps.

I had trouble with holding the bar when I started training, even when I was a runt 60kg get's heavy quickly holding it.

All I did was change my technique from 1 hand over, 1 hand under, then build up from there, it stopped my hands slipping and help me dead some good lifts, I'm only a weakling but my best stiff leg dead lift was 130kg for 6 reps, I thought that was good at 74kg, couldn't do it now though.
Sorry gotta edit this, i meant i use straps for sldl none for dl but use glove for both Smile But never used chalk before.
straps and chalk for everything that is heavy. I have to strap in to the 152lb d.b's just so i can get them up to my knees when doing incline presses
good morning MD.....early bird aye Smile

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