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Chalk, Gloves, Or Nothing?
i bought some gloves i hate them, as they are uncomfortable. I will by a differant pair and if they feel crap. I will go back to the ole' bare hands.
figure 8 straps here, for shrugs, deads etc
i hate gloves too, my grip never felt complete with wearing them
like tuggs says, good ole bare hands is for me too.
sure, u will get calouses on your hands but i had them there before i even
touched a weight Wink

and we all know how you get them as well.....
i take it you are enjoying those nice passwords available in the "other" forum Mr Oz?

chalk is good. do you put in a gonad? if not its good, saves some mess.

im assuming you are using a mixed grip?

ever tried a hook grip?

maybe a mixed hook grip????

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