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Foot Placement When Benching
Dave, I'm not sure I want to know how you stumbled onto that shoe siteSmile
lol on 3d,

A couple of the guys I workout with are usapl judges and I asked them about it and they said it wouldn't be legal, plus they dont carry shoes big enough for me.

other option I was thinking about would be to nail 4"x4" inch blocks of wood to the heals of a pair of chuck taylors and paint them to match the color of the shoes.

Go here for shoes I have used them for almost two years because my feet used to kick out. Remember let's keep our secrets to ourselves. Bolex rules! :mosher:
What boggles the mind is all these gay rules for making the lifts harder than they have to be. I thought the purpose was to see how much everyone can lift? Why add bizarre rules to make it harder? here's one that doesn't make sense, you can arch but your feet have to be flat. Why? you have to pause the bench on the chest, presumably because the stretch reflex was once considered "unfair" for some insane reason, yet they let you wear a canvas shirt that is like a super stretch reflex to get the bar out of the bottom. Why not just let the guys touch and go? That's the natural way to bench anyway, your elastic properties in your muscles and joints are going to help you get it up, the way they were designed to. All these bizarre rules came from somewhere, it reminds me of the book Super Squats where the old olympic press said that the guys had to stand with back flat and heels together and press the bar in a semicircle around their heads. Insane! that is horrible for your back and shoulders.

Just let everyone lift in their own groove with only a few rules, if someone has weird form and it works for them, great. The rules and judging are ridiculous.
I agree with ya blackshoe

same thing with deadlifts, you should be able to get it up anyway you can

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