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GH and tissue repair...Q for the GH brainiacs
whast up guys...went to my otho surgean and he told me that i did tear where my pectoralis and tendon meet but its not bad and doesnt need surgery...i wont be training hard for another 4 weeks at least and wont be training chest hard for another 6...i was supposed to start my cycle the exact day i tore my pec but luckily i was wondering if gh would help mend me there any research out there on gh and soft tissue repair or anything? im looking to use gh because it will also be anticatabolic as well as helping to keep the fat off while training less....thanks guys...peace

Cool the Heart Break Kid Cool
Good question, but can't give you an answer that I have seen any literature to support. I can only assume yes because it is a cell siganl agent telling cells to grow and proliferate, the cells in question do have the proper receptor too.
again, I can Not prove this but I am sure someone else can.

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