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Half Life EQ
don't be ridiculous....stay with the EQ....I think you just said that to make me mad
EQs half life is 18 and a half days...
Eq half-life is 14 days!

well my gear was bunk actually for 4 cycles, fuck i wonder what the fuck i was putting in my body, kinda freaky, i'm gonna stick with test E 600 mg wekle, Eq 400 weekly, and dbol 1-4 run a 12 week cycle, thanks cman
17-21 Days

If Your Gonna Ask That Kind Of Question You Shouldn't Be Using It!!
nothing like making your own stuff, fam. for the amount that you're spending, you could make 10 times as much. You will absolutely know what you have in there.

well i would make , just don't know how to
there's instructions in the powder or injectables. very simple to do. after you do one, you won't even need instrucstions.

measure out the powder. add BA, BB, and oil. heat, swirl, heat, swirl. filter into sterile vial. bake in oven. that's it.

Most steroids were used since the beginning of their exsistence at once a week, thats injectables obviously. Modern BBer's got it in their heads that more frequent injections would be better for growth as it would lead to more stable levels rather than the ups and downs that come with less frequent injects. Personally I know of no one that gains better doing say eod injects over 1/week. The obvious problem with less frequent injects is total volume, if you have to shoot say 600mg of EQ and it's 200mg/ml thats 3ml right there, if your using Test with it that may be another 3mls so unless you shoot into 2 sites the same day....well you get me point.
bump for making it yourself....its litterally fractions of the normal price.....if you are going to spend alot of money, I would just make it yourself and post your questions in the powder forum

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