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How much is weight training important to fighting
I think it would depend on what KIND of fighting, as well. It seems to me that boxers would want a little more muscle mass to take the blows, and any martial arts fighters would want less mass, more speed.

The only type of weight training I would see as beneficial is pure strength training, and development of explosive power. That's not gonna result in a lot of mass. Bruce Lee was very light, but also very strong.

See, I could handle Ronnie Coleman, cause I guarantee I can run WAAAAY faster than he can.
bruce was a great athlete and performer but a all state quality HS heavy wt. wrestler would have killed him. it is the reason they have wt. catagories people. in boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc... a GREAT 135lbr would get killed by an ok 220lbr. reality people.
First of muscle doesn't slow you down, fat does. Take a look at Kevin Randleman from the UFC and Pride. Ripped as far as fighters are concerned and incredibly fast. If you weight train in an explosive manner you will be much faster than some one who does not. For example Olympic weight lifters; many are under six feet and approaching 300lbs yet can dunk basketballs and can outrun olympic sprinters for the first 15 yards. I will agree that muscle does however affect you cardiovascular ability.

Could a nonweightlifting fighter beat and untrained weightlifter... Probably (alot of factors are involved)
Could a weightlifting fighter beat and untrained weightlifter and a fighter that doesn't lift.... Everytime
Why does someone not just take a 45 and Blow him away! Bruce Lee 1972 ////Smile
This shit makes me laugh, really the only bad ass I know is my MotherSmile
When there are no rules there's chaos///////// Confusedmashtard
Who hit me in the back of the head :devil:
To me it really depends on your style. I do alot of powerlifting and plyometrics. It keeps me fast, strong and powerful. As well as maintaining a nice physique. Trust me weights do help. And do not listen to someone who says most fighters train with only BW exercises. Thats BS. While of course they use them. I mean dips, chins are awesome. They use weights. You just do not wanna do to much bodybuilding cause you will be like Phil Baroni used to be and be weighted down and gas out. If you look at Phil now. His physique is good. Not quite as beefy as before but he has alot more wind.
IMO you need weight and speed...i dont mean to sould like im bragging but i would take out bruce lee with his 135lb any way i wanted...ive been in martial arts for 21 years i spend most of my time working out in one way or another and bruce may have brought in something reltively new back then with JKD but in my opinion chuck norris would have kicked his ass any day (i read somewhere that he did)...if youre 135lb NO ammount of technique will defend you against a guy who is 230 and semi trained...ive sparred a lot with different weight classes for example i took on a cousin of mine who was the euro kickboxing champion a few years back and hes like 50lb lighter than me and he had no chance i pimped him around the ring as i was kickboxing rules and im a knee and elbow man all the way so i did not even fight on my own territory...anohter example is a wrestling firend of mine he has like 60lb one me i love wrestling him because hes such a powerfull opponent i have to be carefull how i approach him and tire him out before we hit the ground as much as possible...he tires out quick (sometimes we go for up to an hour for 1 round because he wont be suckered in to it ever time Smile) mass is very importaint but you dont want too much of it...i dont do classic body building workouts i go for 20 rep sets on stuff like barbell rows and chins and BP...i dont do squats because i do a lot of heavy bag/mountain biking and my legs dont need more power...i try to keep the workouts as allround as possible because i firmly believe this is the best way to train...i like doing endurance stuff like carrying a heavy rock up and down a flight of stairs untill my body fails me or pushing/pulling my car arond the park or pulling a concrete dumpster left and right (no twisting of the torso only side motion) untill failure...grip strenght is a big favourite of mine i like to do chins while hanging on to a judo uniiform with a rubber ball or harder foam inside...alex
Any time you can drop a 135 lbs bar on your neck( Throat) and walk away I will listen to every word you say! Fighting is not sport , it is fighting big differenceSmile A women thats 120 lbs could jab a finger tru your eye's and I think I would say your thru......
To conclude we are all in this for fittness I would say, not for the injuries and weights give you the edge to prevent injuriesSmile
yes but im a trained fighter im not just anybody...martial arts is all i do i have no life Smile...yes a 60lb midget cak kick me in the nuts gouge my eye out and pick my brain but its highly unlikely i will let him do it...i was speaking generally i totaly agree that a complete 90lb homo can kick shamrocks ass if hes a super lucky mother fucker but the chance is 0.0000000000001%...i have met real masters of the arts and theyre not huge mofos and i will be the first to say that i would avoid confrontation with them any way i can but these people are very rare i could count them on my fingers (at least from my experiance)...generally speaking if you dont have the mass you cant do much to a big guy simply because you cant hit as hard...alex
malic is right abotu the importance of strength to support your technique... I do think that the value of muscle depends strongly on the type of fighting you are doing. If you are in a ring or a back yard and a formal fight is decided upon then mass is a huge factor but if you are in a bar and some fucker pushes you against the wall I would rather have skill. The knowledge of simple joint locking techniques as well as vulnerable areas to strike are very important in most real world situations, you dont necessaruly need to absorb a ton of punishment and toss your assailant across the room you need fundamental technique and the state of mind to cary them our as brutaly as necessary. As soon as he grabs your jacket or touches your girl, breaking his nose and pounding his solar plexus is plenty... muscle sure does help though....
bruce was a great athlete and performer but a all state quality HS heavy wt. wrestler would have killed him. it is the reason they have wt. catagories people. in boxing, MMA, wrestling, etc... a GREAT 135lbr would get killed by an ok 220lbr. reality people.

not always true.. when i started grapeling i weighed in at 190lbs my teacher was around 145.. he use to kick my ass without breaking a sweat..and i had done other types of martial arts for years before i started training with him. you would be suprised how years of training and experience can help you win.

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