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Info On Methyl 1-Test
I saw something about this on another board, and was wondering if anyone here knows about it. It is a powder that is supposedly more anabolic than test, but it is not illegal (yet) unless it is in a pill form. Can anyone elaborate on this?
There are a few threads going on about it right now, search 1-test, enjoy!
1-test has not been classified as an AAS; therefore,

sale of 1-test is not regulated.

Pure 1-test is extremely irritating. It can be applied transdermally at the cost of (in some) mild skin irritation. It cannot be injected intramuscularly.

Methylated 1-test can be absorbed gastrointestinally, but the rate of conversion is limited by available liver enzymes. Higher doses may not have added effect, once the enzyme limit is reached. And de-methylation is a major cause of hepatotoxicity.

You will find esterified and/or etherified 1-test also sold in bulk. If I recall (don't believe without checking further), the ether can be taken orally with minimal hepatotoxicity (but liver limited conversion to active form) and the ester can be injected if you like to take chances with sterility (the solution, not yours).

I can only report some experience transdermally. The worst problem is the flavor/odor of the penetrating agents. The gel will start hair growing anywhere on your body that you apply it (except the scalp!). In my case, it also caused my hair to start falling out at relatively average dose levels.

In my estimate, a usable transdermal dosage of 1-test (2x a day) is comparable (maybe) to IM enanthate at 200mg/wk. That's pretty spectacular, though hardly as earth-shaking as the 1-test promoters say. The 1:7 ratio often quoted is bullshit, being based on a rat test of questionable applicability to humans.

1-test has been around a real long time (since the '30s) and has only been exploited commercially recently. Imho, it has strong DHT-like side effects, and good anabolic effects. It may also inhibit the HPTA, so it should be cycled. It is not considered an alternative to real Testosterone for HRT.
Hey RP, I just recently started to take a 1-Test Cyp injectable from a reliable source. The stuff seems to be doing something as far as my sex drive and the hardening of my muscles. I am going into my 3rd week of using it. I think I will give a good star rating as far as I go.
I've never seen methyl-1-test, by the way. We know about 1-test base, ester, and ether, all of which I've seen are not sanitary enough to inject or prepared in the proper form. I suppose you could make an injectable using a fina kit and not have to worry about mechanical and chemical purification. I have no idea if the ester would survive the required cooking to render it sterile, though. I suppose "where there's a will, there's a way" or maybe "where there's a market, there's a supplier."

Keep us informed of progress. It should be excellent if you are getting enough. What dosage are you using, if you don't mind my asking?
I am using 300mgs a week plus 75mgs eod of tren. I have a few pics on the members forum under "newest ones" Take a peek and let me know, oh, and please be easy..........LOL
I hadn't heard anything about it until recently, and rather than do a 3 hour search I thought I'd just ask everyone here about it...Big Grin ...transdermal?...does it give off an odor?
You know, stacking 1-test with trenbolone is a bit like stacking T2 and t3, or Dbol and oxymetholone. You're basically dealing with a combination in which the overall effects and presumed means of action are similar between the two substances.

Assuming the mode of action is primarily through the androgen receptors, it would make sense to stack either or both these substances with something with an indirect mode of action, such as oxandrolone (for maintenance & hardening), oxyhmetholone (for prodigious bulking), dbol (more tolerable & controlled bulking), or Stanozolol (for cutting).

The original transdermal formulations from Avant Labs (the only ones I've used) are quite odorous. The smell is from limonene, I believe, and it's like Plege Lemon furniture polish. A dozen squirts of this on your chest and shoulders will leave you feeling like well-oiled credenza.

I might also mention that transdermal 1-test "feels" different from transdermal test (Androderm). I've used 1-test while on HRT with Androderm. If testosterone sort of gives you a lift, especially in a workout, the effect of 1-test is more like forcing you into the elevated performance state. Perhaps it's just dosage dependent, though.
Well I don't think I'd want to smell like Pledge in the office all day or with my customers....thanks for the info....I've just been thinking hard about running a cycle and this seemed like start but maybe not....
Actually, it only smells for about an hour or if you sweat a lot. You might find others that use a different penetration agent, like DMSO, but that makes you smell like garlic. Oh, well...

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