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just some thoughts on a tren/test cycle!
hi fellas (sorry for the hardcore aussie terminologySmile)
my next cycle will be late dec, planning another big 1
based on 1g+ pw cyp
need advice as to the tren dosage which will be added last 5 - 6 weeks as im using a 6 week split of both drols then Dbols 3 weeks each at 100mg and then 50-75 ed (the latter dbol)

its a bulker and really want to give this cycle a go as they seem so good on paper so to speak.

so basically im not after critiquing rather tren dosage is my query.

stats: age 32
weight:105 post cycle
height 5'10
history and experience , has been a while just had a long break due to marriage and 3 kids so.................? Smile

ill also add im a strength athlete more than anything else and use my training for freestyle wrestling/ju jitsu etc so im not concerned with water and the like as im not a bodybuilder

thanks in advance fellow bolexians!
Im enjoying 75mg ED - my first time for tren. Why not try 75 EOD for a while and see how you react - then bump up to ED if necessary?

By the way ...... if you only weight 105 lbs you shouldnt be juicing.... j/k
kg LOL !
230lbs for you guys Smile
i dunno , this cycle has to be big for me.
i may even throw in some slin this time aswell.
was thinking of 500mg pw of Tren A along with atleast 1g of cyp pw
thanks for the reply mate

keep em coming fellas Smile
I would start w/ 75mg/day of tren. I dont think you'd be too happy w/ less. Sounds wierd, but when I ran tren w/ long acting test, I dosed it so that I was injecting the same amount of gear everyday, by useing 1/2ml of enanthate /day with the tren. Just easier than injecting tren ed and then injecting a few cc of test twice a week.
tks mate, i like the idea of that, would you consider running it longer than 6 weeks on a test based cycle?
keep in mind the adrols and dbol for a split 6 weeks!
cheers dude
In my experience, the best results from tren come in weekd 5-8. I would go 8 weeks min, but thats just me. Run it till it stops working.
ok tks for the info, cant wait till jan 04 :thumbsup:

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