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Liquinolva And Liquiclomid
Who has used this and what were your results?

Were you happy with them?

Do you find them to be as good as or better than tabs?

I know they sponsor this site, I just want some testimonials from guys who have tried them.

I am probably going to get these soon.
I"ve used nolva, clen, cialis, viagra. All very good. Just as good as tabs
"That which will not kill you ...will only only make you stronger, and if it does kill you... You shouldn't have been training with us to begin with!"

-John Defendis
100% same as tabs Smile just different method of research administration. The hottest product -nolva- is very good Smile (*shameless plug*)

i am useing the nolva and liquidex now good stuff i tryed the clen strong stuff
currently using the arimidex very happy with the results no major water and the nipples are great... :bounce2:

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