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My next adventure
Okay guys,
my next adventure starts on Monday, 750mgs Sus for 8 weeks, got all my protein, tuna, chicken breasts, r-ala, and ancilleries etc etc. My question is this, i have a fair bit of T4 available and i wanted to incorporate into this cycle (keep in mind its a bulker) i was thinking either 50mcg/day or 25mcg/day, im just after an increase in protein synthesis and keep away a little fat that i will obviously accumulate. I know i will gain fat but i just want to limit it a bit. So what do you reckon? 25 or 50?
my current stats are, 6ft, 24, 12%, 97kgs, done 2 previous cycles, 400mg deca was my first and 500mg test was my second, both 8 weeks.
mate i would personlay use 50mcg just.

last summer i had a simlir cycle to this one but i was using 750mg Enanthate.

good luck mate
i was actually trying to get enanthate but was waiting for months, got tired of waiting,
the sus should be as good mate for some reson my body doesnt respond for sus good i rather prop and enanthate .

ill be strating on monday to
fuck made an error, it was either 100mcg or 50mcg, based on 100mcg is equal to about 25mcg t3 and 50mcg is equal to about 12.5, i think i will just stick to 50 if no one says any different

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