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Next Cycle Starting Monday
Hi guys and girls
some of u rember the thread i posted a while back about my cyle but didnt start it coz i was kinda sick and want to make sure im 100% before i start Smile

am going to start next monday my cycle looks somthing like this :

800mg Testosterone Propionate , 600mg Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

week 7-8:
500mg Test Prop + 50mg winny ed

i also got some :
1-EQ should i use the eq at the beging of the cycle ? and keep the Nandrolone for the end ?

2-clen going to start 2 weeks on then 2 days on 2 days off from the beging of the cycel .

the reson am using the clen is to lower my bf%

wat you guys think ? i appreciate any help Smile
I`ve heard clen works far better during PCT.

Anyway, good luck!
wat is PCT !

thanks mate
If you are looking to cut during this cycle then using clen thoughout is great

regarding the EQ and nandrolone phen. I would use either one but not both. Save it for the next cycle.

EQ seems make a lot of guys hungry as fuck, so if you are looking to diet your ass (or gut) off during this cycle perhaps that wouldn't help too much Smile
Post Cycle Therapy
thanks Xanthine Smile

do you think i should still use clen at PCT ? and if so how much would i need ed ?
i dont c why ur dropping the test dosage for the last two weeks, i think u should straight dose it rite through

Originally posted by MR_SSS
thanks Xanthine Smile

do you think i should still use clen at PCT ? and if so how much would i need ed ?

i dont think u should use clen for more than 8 weeks at a time even it ur cycling it... so to answer ur question, no i dont think u should run clen as part of ur pct if ur gonna run it throughout the cycle
Sorry SSS.I assumed you were on a bulking cycle.

Clen during recovery helps control cortisol levels in the blood.I used **`s clen tabs and just took half a day.
thanks for the replay guys Smile
Xanthine am more intrest in fat loss so ill take u r advice and not use the clen at PCT

furious george nah mate no more bulking for me till next year lol
If you were after a cutting cycle i would have opted for prop/tren/eq

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