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No More Damm Hair Loss
well i have just started my cycle 2 weeks ago lookin good all vieny ..nice but i duno if ime freekin out or its just me but i think ime getting a receding hair line it pisses me off every time i see it in the mirror so i went to the docs today and said i want some Proscar he told me that i have been reeding to many US sights anyway he gave me some eleuphrat lotion any one heard of this is it very effective ....and i also got some nizoral 2% to be on the safe side ...does this gell have any impact on my gear ...thanx fellas i will be saying buy buy to hair loss from now hopefully lol Smile
Ask your doctor for Propecia.
I doubt the gel would have any effect on the effectiveness of your gear, but propecia/proscar might. It's a matter of priority , I guess.

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