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Post workout recovery meal
I've been mixing 8 oz of grape juice with 1 scoop whey protien powder, and usualy drink this right after my workout. I do this because I remember a while back when Creatiean first came out, it was said to mix it with somthing high on the glycimic index, and I belive that grape juice was right there at the top. Does this make since to you guys? What sort of post workout meal do you guys use?
Grape juice is not up at the top...carrot juice has more sugar than grape juice. Get some dextrose if you can.
I would shoot for 50 grams or so and up the protein...and drink this immediately after your workout. Then about 30 min later have a small solid meal like rice and chicken...doesnt have to be very big but make sure it has not fat as it will slow down the protein digestion.
get some dextrose ... has it for 2.49#
Then dextrose it is, Thanks bros.
Dextrose or Dextrose and Maltodextrin.
Or even honey.

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