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Seeking Advice
Originally posted by Raphael Argus
As for using gear, what type of cycles would be wise to run in the next 3-6 months? I'm going to be consuming tons of beef so I imagine I could lean up and pack on some size if I threw in something anabolic/androgenic. Again, just looking for suggestions. =)

Test, Dbol, deca. Go for muscle size while you lean up, that way you can have some extra beef on you after you diet down. Another person to talk to is massivegmax. He's a big mother too, around 3 bills. He can help you out as well.
Hey StudHammer, was actually thinking of doing that exact cycle. I did it a few summers ago and gained 42lbs. I'm fairly good at packing on muscle but the diet aspect is where I am hurting. (training and foods) I can get very lean but my vascularity is weak, even when I cut out water and remove sodium. I guess that is part of my genetics. Last time I tried winstrol it made my chest very vascular, but shitloads of hair fell out of my hairline, temple area. After staying away from the stuff my hair grew back but it sort of freaked me out. I've also never tried Clenbuterol, just stuck with ECA stack since it is cheap and more readily available to me. Will clen help with vascularity more then ECA?

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