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Sleep Apnea And Gains
For the past year and a half I have not been able to gain more than my current weight 210 even with a gram of test added. I eat a good amount and train 5 to 6 days a week but was having a hard time sleeping. I just got a sleep study done and was told I was having 140 apneas an hour and getting no sleep past level 2. I had no level 3 sleep were your body releases HGH and recharges. The are giving me a CPap machine and Im glad to be able to sleep but the doc told me I would lose weight once I started using it. Do any of you have any experiences with this? I would think gaining muscle would be alot easier if you were sleeping right each night and i should gain rather than lose. I dont want to lose what Ive got. Any first hand experiences would be appreciated.
I cant say you'll lose weight, because I have gained weight since I started with my CPAP. It will help you sleep better tho, and should accelerate some gains for you. I found in my study that I was only sleeping 40 mins out of every hour. That means I was NOT BREATHING for 20 mins an hour....scary shit. I was also only asleep for 10 mins when they woke me up to try the machine. Doc says had I not gone for the study, I could have been dead in 6 months....
I highly doubt you will loose weight...your recovery will improve DRAMATICALLY and when you wake up from the first night on the machine you wont believe how you feel.
i think he's referring to the average guy, overweight guy tends to lean out some, but i doubt if that is applicable to a muscular guy...
Bro, I AM that over weight guy. 410 lbs to be exact. My doc also told me I'd probably lose some weight, and it hasnt happenedSmile I'm a powerlifter, so I really could care less about the weight
Thanks for the feedback. I figure I should probably gain weight as everytime I hit 210 or more I get sick, am exhausted all the time etc cant get a pump going and my recovery gets longer. Probably because the apnea gets worse. I can not wait to get that machine and get some rest and hopefully gain some pounds. The bad thing is I just finished a cycle and gained only about 13 lbs keeping 9 of it so far. Ok gains but I was doing a gram of test with some tren, and using a lot of protein powder as well as stuffing my face. I thought I was immune to the test now but I think its due to the apnea.
I use one every night.....I use the cannulas u\instead of the mask fuckin thing, much more comfortable. You will not lose weight bro, you will feel much healthier and life will be SOOOOOO different for you. I was much less patient with people before I got mine. Takes about a month for you to get used to it.
Good luck!
I just started the cannulas, so I'm still trying to get used to them. I was using the profile lite mask, and I broke 2 of them in 5 months. If you can handle the cannulas I reccomend tem
I have a few Q's on this....

How much does the (CPAP) machine cost? I understand some insurances cover it but I was wondering the cost if someone just wanted to buy one.

How loud are these machines?

Finally what is the "cannulas"?

Cost is about 1500 new. Check on Ebay, they usually have some. Machines are virtually silent when you have the mask or cannulas on. Cannulas are 2 pillows that go i nto your nose, and blow air in that way.

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