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Sust wk 1 - wk 10 (500mg/wk)
Winny wk 8 - wk 12 (Tabs EOD)
clomid start wk 13

Does anyone have any input/suggestions/ or experience with this cycle?
Take winny ed instead of eod for 4 weeks instead, its halflife's only 8hrs.

TigerBenGAL u're not a gal are u?! If yes, forget about this cycle Big Grin Big Grin
Thanks Luto a buddy told me to do the same thing wiht the winny. And no Im not a gal. My name, Tiger Bengal, represents the Bengal tiger which is a very prestigious animal where i live here in Calcutta, India.
My bad bro, bengal not benGAL Big Grin Gets real observant when i see the word 'gal' Big Grin Big Grin

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