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Tren and second cycle?
I might end up doing my second cycle consisting of
Tren ED 75mgs
Prop ED 75mgs
Winny 50mgs ed

All for 8 weeks.

What do you gents think?
hard as a rock..
perfect, this weds I'm starting
500mgs EQ
500mgs Cyp
12 weeks
40mgs Dbol

This is going to work out well.
looks good bro.
"Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil....'cause I'm the biggest, meanest, son-of-a-bitch in the place."

"People are always talking about getting motivated to go on a diet. Motivation is worthless. There's no way in hell you'll still be motivated after your 200th chicken breast washed down with plain broccoli. You have to be DEDICATED. Dedication is what remains when all motivation has left, and you can't stand to do more cardio, because you've read every magazine ever produced, you'd rather eat the ass out of a dead donkey than one more plain chicken breast, and your typical routine of thinking of sex every five seconds has been replace by food every 2 seconds. It's the DEDICATION that takes us to where we want to be." - Trop
I almost forgot, I'm finishing my cycle off with 13days of Propionate at 75mgs/EOD. Then day 14 going into PCT>
wait 3 days after last shot for clomid
awesome Stivard, what would you do for a second cycle?
I'm thinking I might add in EQ if I really like it.
75mgs EQ/ED
75mgs tren/ED

Any thoughts?
Lol. Just worry about the first one for now. Looks like a great cycle, you should get hard as nails bro.
lol, I'm fucking mental.

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