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Tren/Winny/HCG, first cycle
My stats:
214 lbs.
15% B.F.
Stocky Build Naturally
Goal: To promote some gains of lean mass, while cutting my body-fat dramatically.

Here's what I'm considering for my first cycle:

Trenbol 75 winstrol H.C.G.
Week 1 150mg
Week 2 150mg 150mg
Week 3 150mg 150mg
Week 4 150mg 150mg
Week 5 225mg 150mg
Week 6 225mg 150mg
Week 7 225mg 150mg
Week 8 225mg 100mg 5-7,500 i.u.
Week 9 5,000 i.u.
Week 10 3,000 i.u.

What do you guys think about this cycle? Would it be effective for my goals? How would I go about using an injectible winny in this cycle? Would the mg's change any due to half-life duration? Would I need to follow up with clomid, or other anti-aromitization gear? And finally, what kinds of gains/fat losses could I expect from this cycle?
I know this is alot of questions, but I really want to completely understand effects/dosages etc. before I begin, and who better to ask than those who have used it previously.
I would shoot or drink the winny 50mg ED and keep the Tren At 75mg ED-EOD. I 've never run HCG myself. Yes clomid will be needed post cycle.

Fat loss will be depend on diet. There are some reports of tren burning fat, it didn't burn any for me-- but I have heard of others that lost fat from it. Winny wont burn any fat however. I would also use a test at around 400mg per week.

One final thing to consider,Most people do not recommend fina for a first cycle.

For further info on clomid refer to the clomid chart on Heyhercs signature.
"That which will not kill you ...will only only make you stronger, and if it does kill you... You shouldn't have been training with us to begin with!"

-John Defendis
Now that you say that, I may not use fina, plus, after posting i found some stuff i didn't like on it. If i'm looking to lose fat mass, while preserving lean mass, what do you recommend?
I'm with littlewilly on this for a 1st cycle you shouldn't be looking at Tren, use Prop if your looking for non bloat gains instread.

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