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why is there always blood when I aspirate?
Every time I've tried to poke my right glute (4-5x in the past week), I always get blood when I aspirate. I stay in the same general vicinity, but I do move the needle around. I've hit this spot a hundred times on other cycles, but can't seem to do on this one. Do I have a pool of blood deep in the muscle? I can't imagine I'm hitting a vein everytime. Using 25g 1 1/2" all the way in. Or, maybe I hit a big vein on the first poke, and I haven't given the area enough time to heal yet?
Hmm, no clue, I would just advise you do a different spot for a while, quads, delts..give it a good 2 weeks.
I had the same problem with my right glute. It seemed every time I would shoot "blood". I stoped that area for almost 3-4 weeks now and went back to it recently and to my surprise"no blood" Maybe I was poking it so much scar tissue was trying to form and heal at the same time. I don't know, all I do know is after laying off that site for a few weeks it had stopped.
id hit a diff never inj in a spot where i get blood but thats me

Quads are my fav spot try them out

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