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would like opinions of the pros...1st real cycle
Greetings to all,

I want to introduce myself. Nmae is Chris and live out in New JErsey. I just joined this board and love it, great info and great people seem to be here...

been reading and learning alot. Back about 2+ years ago I did a sust 250 cycle for 8 weeks. gained about 12 pounds.

I am ready to do a more serious cycle.. I am torn between amount of sust to do...

Goin def. w/ 400mgs a week deca Organon yellow cap(holland)

and most likely 250 mgs sust a week. Going to run both for 10 solid weeks. No taper. Have clomid for end and have nolv if needed.

My question is this: should I up dose to 500 mgs of sust? I am a bit scared of side effects running 900mgs of juice a week thats why I am leaning towards sust at 250. BUT.. I have also read that it is not a good idea to run deca higher then test for fear of deca dick. Plus I hear that the diference isn't that great from 250 to 500.

SO... I kind of came up w/ a happy medium.... maybe run the sust at 250 every 4 days... Which would be a bit more than 250 a week and a bit less then 500 a week.

What do you guys think???? I know alot of you are pros out there and I honor your opinions.

Let me give you my stats i'M 28 weigh about 170 about 13% body fat. Looking to put on some solid mass for now. I know everyone will suggest the good ol D-bols in teh beginning but I thik I'm gonna hold off till another future cycle. Don't think I nee the d-bol for now.

SO my maine question is this sust at 250 or sust at 500. Keep in mind I haven't had juice running through my veins or muscles for about 2 years.

Thanks in advance guys,

500 i recommend

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