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Cycle - JuicedSavage - 01-17-2018

Im looking into doing this cycle... maybe within the next month..
250mg Test every 5 days 1-10
500-600mg EQ ew 1-10 (maybe an 800mg frontload????)
Winstrol 50-75mg ed 1-4 and 8-12

What can I take to keep my hair on this cycle? Finasteride? if so how much, same for my prostate? I will also run .5mg Arimidex eod to keep any water off of me.

Any Opinions welcome.

RE: Cycle - Valkyl - 01-17-2018

Ive heard alot of ppl take propacia for hair loss while on cycle. For me its never been an issue, and I think bald looks good anyways.

For my prostate I take Saw palmetto every day....i couldnt tell u if it helps or not, but I dont have an enlarged prostate, so maybe it does...hehe

CYcle looks good, im sure u know what u are doing sav, but can I ask why the test is a lower mg/week then the EQ?.....I would tend to keep the test higher then the deca myself....

Personnaly I like to run ari .5 mgs ed in 3-4 day bursts, as needed, which, for me, tends to be every 2 weeks or so..

O and yes I would frontload any long acting gear...(maybe an extra shot in the first 1-2 weeks)

RE: Cycle - timba - 01-17-2018

I would take the test 2 shots a week.

RE: Cycle - JuicedSavage - 01-17-2018

How much Propecia should I take?

RE: Cycle - Valkyl - 01-17-2018

5 mgs a day......if u do a search u will also get alot of other products, dosages, hair treatments.......male pattern baldness seems to be a hot topic amung alot of by "hair loss" or "proscar" "propecia", u will get tons of info.