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totally recommend, i was hesitant at first as they was my first time, got the order about 3 weeks after i ordered.

decent communication, pretty fast and accurate.

the packaging was good enough to get to my house, good job!

dbol cycle 1 , 5 days in i feel great, the product is real and i WILL use this again.

it is amazing i feel great pumps, 5 days in i see gains already, 100% recommend will use after this cycle is done again.
I will continue to use these guys and recommend that you do the same.

Best customer service by far of any company I have dealt with

Products always arrive within a couple weeks and packaging is discreet

I have ordered HGH as well as test

Been happy with the quality of all products I have used
Fast and reliable service for good Hgh and anabolics

Had a few questions and concerns regarding packing and shipping methods since my countries customs is very strict. Responded quickly and put my mind at ease that there would be no slip ups and would be sent how I need it sent..

TA was good , once funds were picked up the packs started going out 1 at a time. Everything was tightly packed and lightweight to cruise thru swiftly.

Geriostim Hgh pens 36iu

Have also had balkan products and Kalpa products from them too

Been running the growth for 6 weeks roughly now alongside test and npp, twice a day and getting a nice full look and leaning out at the same time. Muscle bellies getting a nice pop to them...

All products have checked out genuine on websites and these guys are consistent with there service and methods. I just order now and once I get shipping confirmation just forget about it until it arrives.

Refreshing for me after being burnt by some too sources.

Give them a shot...
This review is for Kalpa sustanon and Kalpa parabolan

All the emails, questions and problems were solved fast by him.

he sent me the parcel with no tracking and he told me that it is safer. and yes it was safer and it arrived without any problems

Kalpa is a great manufacturer. i did not feel any pip from the vials. completely pip free gear. First i thought maybe no pip so maybe it is not good stuff. Slowly i started getting increase in power and strength. i feel like angry beast all the time. sometimes i will get angry on very small things but i tried to control myself and later it was ok. i felt lot of sweating with it but not like Trenbolone acetate. my weight was going up slowly. i gained very less water but my muscles grew nicely. my bench press went up 40 lbs in 5 weeks. there was lot of acne high blood pressure and sometimes i felt like my hair are falling down rapidly. the doctor gave me medicine for blood pressure and checked my BP. This parabolan is very strong. do not underestimate this one. my desire for having sex was high most of the time. i ran caber and i did not feel any problem with using parabolan. arimidex i used sometimes 0.25 mg eod.

This is a great supplier. there are lots of brands and i have tried many many. Kalpa is one of A1
first and foremost their support and communication are the best i have ever experienced and i have dealt with many many sources

always arrives under stated time

i have been using the test e for 4 weeks @500 first week...375 last 3 weeks dosage split .75 ml monday and friday ...i dropped back the dosage some because i was having an aromatization ai was not working well enough with 500 mg of test so i dialed it down and switched ai's to get estro back in check...with that being said at 375/wk i still feel amazing, libido is still high and the extra pep in my step i get from running test is definitely there just yesterday my roommate commented that lately i have been walking more if i "had a mission"...lmao very very pleased
Communication was great.

Only contacted them twice. Response within few hours. No worries at all.

Believe they shipped out after promo and received about 7 days later.

Out packaging g of course nothing crazy but inside tightly wrapped with few items to throw it off. Very smart.

50 x 100mg viagra

2 x hcg

Have only used viagra so far

Best fucking pills I have used. Def pharma grade or even stronger. Had to cut down to half a pill. Way to strong. Affects last bout half day or longer. Hard to bust a fucking nut on this stuff though. Wife seriously has 3-4 orgasms I have to stop or will have a fucking heart attack.

I love it.

Haven't tried a bunch of labs viagra but wouldn't go anywhere else to take the chance. No need to. Best stuff I have ever had.

Thanks guys. Gained a customer.

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