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Female Bodybuilders and Birth Control?
I would like to know if birth control can hinder a female bodybuilders efforts. It's estrogen right? Can someone shed some light on this for me please, specifically Lo-Ovral Birth Control.
its their dominant hormone, as opposed to test. any low dose anabolic and even being lean can stop the egg release. so swap her pills for some Anavar and enjoy the nub cause it will send chills if the wind is blowing right.
IF she is very lean or on a cycle she probably will have aminoria,check spelling, or lack of a normal period. if this is the case she sould'nt need birth control...........LATER
Correct, she is not, and will not be having a period for probably 6 months. My advice was to go off the Birth Control, however, she seems to think the extra estrogen may be helpful for strong bones. She had a fracture 6 months ago while off birth control and seems to think that had something to do with it. Any insight?

And thanks for the info.
i dont know if by 'correct' you mean she is on a cycle or just lean,but if she is on a cycle i would think her bones would be any case just make sure she is getting plenty of calcium and supporting vitamins/minerals.birth control can have alot of bad long term side effects as they are finding out.we all know how dangerous..:-)...hormones can be................LATER
Your girl is right... Estrogen has a huge role in bone density. That is one of the reasons why post-menopausal women go on estrogen replacement- to decrease the amount of bone loss.

Give more info. on her current cycle if she is on. If not, clarify--do you mean she is lean and has been ammenorihic (without period) for six months and is still on birth control. If this is the case and she still had a fracture, she should NOT consider going off b.c. And she should probably go have a bone scan to test her density.
She is 5'10 183lbs. I couldn't get her to the college with me a few weeks ago to do the hydrostatic submerge bodyfat test so I used calipers, came up with 18% rough BF. She's been bodybuilding for 8 years now. Her last period was 2 months ago, now she is using gear and plans to continue using it for 6 months. She has asked I don't post what she is using unless completely necessary.

At the time of the fracture she was completely off birth control and had been for two months. She takes 1000MG calcium/500MG Magnesium supplement daily plus Ultra Mega Womens Vitamin from GNC.

If you need more info, just ask. And thanks again Smile
Show us some pics !!
she could have a bone density analysis done. fractures happen,
I have fractured my 5th metatarsal running on the beach
I talked to her and I think she is going to get a bone density test as you mentioned. (I didn't know that existed, but she did) I guess maybe we will go from there. Better to be safe then sorry. Thanks all.

Forgot to ask, and this is probably a stupid question, but if a woman is using gear and supressing her period is she still able to get pregnant?

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