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majestx's return to juicing
Ive been clean for 8 months. getting ready to go back on. tell me what you think of this cycle.

Weeks 1-10. 3ml ip sus300 and 3ml EQ150 week
weeks 1-5 100mg Dbol/day
weeks 6-10 100mg winny/day
weeks 1-14 .75mg armidex/day
weeks 1-14 4mg periactin/day
weeks 1-10 50mg clomid EOD

should i change anything?
Looks like a great cycle bro,, I would go for 2ml sust a week
Should i be chewing the ip tabs?
yes , always chew them it's what the man recommends
Looks good Bro the only thing I would change is clomid do 25mgs ED instead of 50 EOD When I switch I notice a big difference....

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