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This was my first order ever online and I can't be any happier with the feedback and customer service I received from Roids-Shop. I ordered two Testosterone packs for me and a friend. I'm pretty sure everyone stresses the first time they order online from a source but I felt in good hands from the get go and I got my package in 2 weeks. I will be ordering again and recommending
Would order again product came in a timely manner and the money transaction was easy.

Good communication and support

packaging was discrete and superb.

5 10ml vials of Kalpa Test E 250mg/ml

used the product for 10 weeks at 500mg per week every sunday and thursday. Gained about 20 lbs of muscle with a bit of water weight.
Great source made me deal very comfortable in ordering customer service was great an i pinnd the tren ace n omfg ....that lil tast in the back of ypur throut an a lil cough surfacing ....ya buddy ...I got a basic 2 tren and twp test prop just to try em out n ooooo yaaaaa ..2,weeks later at my door n Texas .. I was also told that they are bring new orals soon ..cantwait to to take em fur a ride ... Keep it up
Oral tren and Trenaxyl

If I recall it was 10 days which anything 2 weeks or under is great for any overseas source. It was difficult to get the tabs out but they had instructions that were easy to follow and only 1 crushed tab which was still useable just in 3 pieces lol

Felt a jolt of strength in about 5 days had minor headaches and slight increase in blood pressure and temperature which I usually get with legit oral tren. Used 2 tabs per day (500mcg) for two weeks then took two weeks off checked my liver which my alt and sat were only 10 points higher than normal range nothing my doctor or I were concerned with then ran that dose again for another two weeks repeated twice and lost 3% body fat got me down to 17% body fat checked my liver and electrolytes and nothing was elevated or at risk (if I use oral tren that wil be the only oral I use the entire cycle with test e or Sustanon) had a lot of strength gaines with this product and had brought my veins out more which I liked!

All in all I was very pleased with their product and thankful to take part in their promo and very happily writing this review. I definitely would not hesitate to trust them with my money great people, great site and great gear! Thank you so much for your generosity!!!
I placed an order for some Kalpa products

they answered all my questions which were your usual first time using a source questions to test the water best you can before sending donations.....

the package arrived sealed and neat 12 days after I was told it was sent

Kalpa clenbuterol (clenbutaxyl)

I got your normal clen shakes the dosage is spot on, the dosage on these is spot on , take 1 ur good take 2 ur drippin some and shakin take more and your gunna be vibrating lol I used them for about 2 weeks then I take a little time off maybe 5-6 days and then I start back up, 1 pill first week 2 the second, then the last few days of the 2nd week I take 3 then 4 the last day, idk why I do it this way but I like it...I lost 2 pounds roughly...

I would place another order from them Kalpa seems like a legit company thus far
T/a was about 10 days which is very fast for international and that including the weekends. Packaged nicely and secure

Used test prop as a taper at the end of my cycle and I love this stuff, really smooth oils and very clean. I've had no pip at all from it and kept feeling the effects of it, skin seemed to get oilier after I started an libido was very active and strength continued to ease up

These oils has me wanting to try all of what Kalpa has to offer and the prices are very competitive as well looking forward to purchasing more from
Recent order from

Minimal communication

Just over a week to receive.

10ml Kalpa MastP

10ml KP TrenA

The aggression from Tren is a killer. No pip. Smooth and easy to pin oils. Been running just over a week. 75mg Tren ed with 150mg MastP eod. Strength is up big time. Feeling horny like never before. Shit summer is here and libido is sky rocketing. Just over a week and I'm up 20% in my lifts. Already started suffering from Tren insomnia. Will start melatonin to help with insomnia.


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