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Accutane Dosing??
hey guys, i have been on for a few years and i finally decided to come off. in the last 3 months i lost 27 pounds (im down to 150 lbs) and i broke out really bad. i was going to use ** Accutane. can you help me on the dosing and how long i gotta be on for permanent acne suppresion. thanks guys
"been on for a few years" and "i'm down to 150" don't go together..
you were 177 while on??? I hope you're shorter tha 5' 6" and shredded. Obviously you didn't use PCT evectively or at all if you lost that much mass, or you just weren't on any anti-e's for water bloat during the cycle.

Accutane is something I think you should actually go to a doctor for, it's quite a bit more dangerous than steroids (when used properly) I'm on tane' from my derm and he does monthly blood work for me to check my liver and cholesterol. You could even try and antibiotic such as bactrim first to see if that helps.

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