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Help, trying to gain weight by any means.
hello, out there. i am currently 120 lbs, and wish to gain at least 30 more. i have a very muscular frame thanks to my previous boxing career, but i can't seem to gain weight anymore. the quicker the better but results are a must. no options will be looked down upon. i workout frequently but could do more with the given time.... :o
Simple do what most of us have probably done in the past:
1) a proper diet which will take time
2) or the other obvious option-gear up-be the quickest way just make sure you research and do it properly-dont rush into this either you definitely want to have a slight knowledge of what you're putting in your body
Calorie dense foods...but dont fall for the sugar "weight gainers."
olive oil in your protein shakes (114 calories per tblsp) Have a protein and carb drink pre and post workout, and make a big protein and olive oil shake to sip during the night. You can add hundreds of calories a day with minimal effort in this manner.
what supplements will speed up my progess???
protein/weight gain shakes and creatine
"That which will not kill you ...will only only make you stronger, and if it does kill you... You shouldn't have been training with us to begin with!"

-John Defendis
now the BIG question: which steriods are "safe" and super quick?! I NEED RESULTS in a hurry...!!
i boxed for years bro, and still to the day have a hard time keeping my weight up, if i slip a little, i lose a few lbs.

are you still fighting? is the reason you want to gain weight to get into a higher weight class, or just to get big?
Fuck me BigKev, if thats you in your avatar your a bloody tank mate, top effort!!!

I am in the same boat (though not a boxer), I find it hard to gain weight, but lose it if I slip at all (and my diet is pretty shitty).

The olive oil option seems viable and good.
steroids shouldn't even be a "twinkle in your eye" at 120lbs.

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