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Help, trying to gain weight by any means.
i agreed with my wife that i would put Boxing on hold for my family, now the reason for the weight gain is personal (and to experiment at a higher weight class!!! don't tell my wife!!) the steroid issue is only because i'm almost desperate for QUICK results. i hope that answers any questions out there.
Everyone would like quick gains, I'm no different. but quality gains are far more important. it takes years (even on gear) to build a good body.

But that shouldn't be a depressing thing the journey to building a great body is fun and rewarding. I'd get up to 200-220lbs before I'd consider using gear if I were you. That is way I did and i've never regretted it.
"That which will not kill you ...will only only make you stronger, and if it does kill you... You shouldn't have been training with us to begin with!"

-John Defendis
i can relate to simmons2k3's problem; I'm now 150 lbs. at 5'3 and needless to say I want to get huge. I've done a few cycles (3) but when I started I was at 125 lbs. So My advice is, first train very hard, eat like a hog (but clean) and then try a bulking cycle, but first get to your potential clean. I know it's hard, but it's the way to go, bro.
Originally posted by Troponin
steroids shouldn't even be a "twinkle in your eye" at 120lbs. Definetly true whether you are male or female lifter. Sad
sorry for the big delay but i recently moved from GA to VA and storage was real dicks to me, still trying to gain. KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!

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