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Gear and SNORING
Ok ,

I have been on 5-6 iu's a day of Jin HGH since July of this year, about 750 of test eth/week , and 2x50mgs per day Blue Winnie tabs for the last 60 days. Things are working out well by the way...

The purpose for the post however is it just seems that recently I have developed heavy snoring at night that keeps my wife up most of the night ( and me since she has to nudge me or tell me to roll over ) Now I really never snored up until I started using gear last year. She says that it seems like I stop breathing at times as well.

Anyone else seen this or is it just an age progression thing? Wondering about the sleep apnea thing as well. Do you suppose there a correlation between the various gear and the snoring?

Any other thoughts/experience with this would be appreciated.
The stop breathing thing sounds like sleep apnea. I would make an appointment with a sleep clinic and get tested.
the weight gain can trigger it for sure, when i drop weight over the summer ( I cycle ), i am fine. when i bulk in the winter, i start to snore badly. NOT a good way to keep domestic tranquility !
same happened with me. Shortly after starting my first cycle i began snoring loud. Never went away now hvae a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. God Bless the sweet rest again!
The same has happened to me,I never snored before using gear and after cycling I also snored loud and developed sleep apnea.I dont snore like before and my apnea seems to be gone.I still cycle but it seems my body got used to it.That was how my wife knew i was on a cycle,aside from getting bigger,increased sex drive.
I have the same problem and now I sleep in the other room! =fu Its the only way I dont get woke up 10+times a night. To add to the problem I started to grind my teeth around the same time.

I went to the docs and did the sleep test however they just said I snore loud and dont have sleep apnea.

I was told I could try and buy a CPAP machine but I dont have the money for it right now. How much do they cost anyhow?

How loud are those CPAP machines anyhow?
yep.. I have never had a snoring problem my whole life.. Now it seems I wake my dog up everynight with this shit, since i started my cycle. Big Grin I dont hear myself snoring, but when he steps on me on his way out of the bed, I know I must of been. Sucks to be him!
regardless of weight gain, anabolics do increase snoring and sleep apnea - I read that before.

weight gain obviously increases it too - but it can increase without wieght gain due to an effect of the AAS - though not sure how.....
I snored before I juiced and I snored while I juiced and I snored after I stopped juicing.

I think it was just worse when I was on. Like Stan said, it is most likely because of the weight gain, but I feel I am just born that way the juice (weight gain), just makes it worse.

My family and I have noticed me snoreing alot more recently - I have put on about 10lbs and am on a tren/prop cycle. Im also more tired - I always snore more when exhausted from work or whatever.

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