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Training while ON
Iron Duke,Even on a cycle, you should just simply train as hard as you can being really intense about it.Twenty sets for all bodyparts ,even smaller ones, is insane.You have to recover to grow.Granted, roids will help out, but that is still too much in my opinion.Go 10-12 sets for bigger bodyparts, and 6-8 for arms.Do about ten for delts, to allow work for all 3 heads.Put a lot into it.Good luck !!
Thanks teejaye. I'll follow those guidelines. In spite of everything I've read telling me not to overtrain, I still have a tendancy to do too much. It's only been one week on the cycle (second full cycle) and this is my first experience with D-bol but I'm already seeing the results. It's awesome!
Originally posted by IronDuke
OK I guess the consensus is that I'm really already overtraining. I'll back off a little and see what happens. I just want to be sure to take full advantage of the cycle I'm on. Thanks for the input.

I don't really believe in overtraining. I think it's more a matter of UNDER-resting, UNDER-eating, and/or UNDER-juicing. I've said it before, the secret to getting big isn't gear. To get big you have to eat big, sleep big, and lift big. Use gear as a stepping stone to reach the next level of development, not as a crutch because you don't eat enough or sleep enough.
Of course you have to eat good and get sufficient rest ,but you can still do too much in the form of sets and reps.Would you do 100 sets for pecs ,when you gain just fine from 12-15? Why do so much to get so little in return.Train harder not longer.If you`re at a point in your training where you are solely relying on juice, you may as well quit.Some people take more than the pros, but still look like shit, because they don`t train hard enough, or eat right.Iron Duke, If you want to take full advantage of your cycle you have to train and eat right.This means a lot of calories and protein and training harder not longer.Beleive me,I`ve been in this game since 1969 and have seen it all.

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